What do guys look for in a girl?

this is for the guys only, just wondering what guys look for in a girl. thanks for your comments x


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  • we look for a

    a smile,a style

    ...for a long drive mile!


  • I want a woman that is confident and able to take care of herself but that occasionally acts playfully girly and needs my help for certain things here and there like heavy lifting and house maintenance. That way I can still play the man role. I want her to be kind of tomboyish too, not afraid to get dirty in work or play and not too concerned about looking all made up all the time. She has to be able to handle hanging with my guy friends sometimes. She can't be too clingy or controlling, I want to feel wanted but I don't want calls and texts every hour.

    As far as physically, shorter than me so like 5'0 to around 5'7and between 100 to 135lbs. Hair color doesn't matter so much because you ladies always change it anyway. Blue eyes really draw me in for some reason, and a cute smile will make my heart skip a beat.


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