Guys, what attracts you the most about girls?

Out of a crowd of 100 girls, how would you choose one to approach? What are some things that girls do or say that attracts you and gets your attention? This would really help! Thanks(:


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  • Out of a 100 girls, I look at face, girls with good eyes, teeth, and great smile.

    If you're trying to look hot for a guy and get guys to notice, focus on your face. Regular amounts of make up not too much and not too little. but usually less is more when it comes to make up. And definitely do the eye thing. I don't know what its called but the stuff they put around the eyes to accentuate it, I can't stop staring at girls that do that. I'd say eyes and teeth are what is most attractive. Lastly, and most important too, I'd say is hair. You don't have to style it and all that expensive stuff. Just make sure its long enough. Don't have to be very very long, but just long enough to look girly. Guys like girls that want to look like a girl, and not another guy. I prefer straight hair over curly, but every guy is different, but in general I'd say long hair over cut short hair. And gotta admit most guys have a weakness when it comes to blondes and brunettes so dye your hair to one of those.

    As far as speech, most girls are good communicators so, you should be fine here, just don't curse. If every other word is a F word or other foul language, the guy is gonna think you're uneducated and would only want you for a 1 nighter not a long term thing. Worst case scenario just smile and nod. guys love to think they're right and good with talking to women. even though they aren't. hope all this helps and you get a good boyfriend.

    • Thank you that helped alot! I have a great smile so that made me happy haha! My hair is also fairly long!(:

  • She'd be the one having the most fun.(guys pick up on girls having a good time, we'd like to share in it)


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