What can I do to look better?

Okay so people say that I'm pretty. They're always complementing me that I do. But I don't know why I don't see it myself. I want to be like those hot sexy girls. I want to get out of the cute pretty zone. Because I feel like that is something you would tell a little girl. I'm 18 now and i want to feel like my age. A little more adult and not like a little girl. What can I do to be in that sexy zone?


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  • Maybe you already are. Your own opinion is the LEAST reliable one in matters like this because we are the WORST judges of ourselves. We look at ourselves through funhouse mirrors that distort the images. You could be a perfect 10 out of 10 and only see yourself as a 2 due to this reason. My suggestion is, find someone who you KNOW will give you an honest unbiased opinion and if they say you're perfect, leave it at that and accept it. That being said, even the best looking of girls can always look better after hitting the gym for a while. Muscle tone = sexy.


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  • be more confident and mature its not about how you look its about how you act. and by your pic you look pretty dam sexy


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  • -Wear provocative or more revealing clothing OR

    -Wear tight clothing that accentuates you curves

    -Go for a smokey eye(make-up)

    -Act sex and confident

    -Depending on your face shape,get your eye brows arched to wear they have an arch but still compliment your face shape and structure

    -Dress more maturely,again less revealing clothing,but tight and accentuating(if aiming for a mature look)

    -Avoid bright colors

  • -little make up

    -new fashion sense

    -mix it up

    -different hair styles


    -smile and laugh

    -you don't need to be any prettier!

    -you will find someone who loves you the way you are!

    -thank God for how he made you and except that you will look like that.

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  • At least people say you're pretty. Imagine how I feel (no one ever says I'm cute, pretty, hot, sexy or any of those things a girl would like to be considered as when it comes to looks.

    I think you should just embrace your cuteness.

    18 is still pretty young. Play up your cuteness while you still have that youthful image.

    You'll have your late 20's-40's to be all hot and sexy

    Good luck

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