What kind of clothes should I get?

I'm 18, 5'8 ,130 lbs. I'm starting college soon and need some new clothes. I need everything. I don't have anything. I haven't went shopping since junior high. What kind of shirts/pants should I get? Like what brands and stuff or what stores to shop at. I don't wanna look too preppy or anything. Just like a casual outfit. I don't really got any friends to go shopping with. I know this is a sorta dumb question, but I need clothes.



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  • The type of stores I recommend are : American Eagle, The Gap, Old Navy, American Rag, Aeropostal, Abercrombie, Hollister, Pacsun, Below the Belt, Foot Locker, Roots, Forever 21, and Anchor Blue.

    As for the brands, try: Banana Republic (expensive), A&F and Hollister, Lacoste, Hurley and Billabong, Original Penguin, Le Tigre, American Eagle and The Gap. Lots of guys are wearing American Eagle brands as well as polo shirts. Try more athletic brands like Nike. Vox, Zero are also good brands. Here is a link to a bunch of clothing brands for guys: link Check that out, if you want.

    As far as your shirts/pants are concerned, just buy what you feel comfortable in. I have given you some stores and brands to check out. Go ahead and browse around to see what kind of style fits your personality. You can try going for a nice cute designer navy polo with long plaid shorts or jeans. Try a more casual look with a pair of blue jeans and a nice loose hoodie (though it's summer - but just a suggestion). A basic T-shirt with shorts or a pair of jean. If you want to be a bit more classy go for Calvin Klein jeans and a button down shirt - in white or black, that's really hot. Other than that, it depends on where you decide to shop and the type of style you have.

    Just dress for comfort and see what you look good in. Goodluck.


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  • I guess American Eagle is a good way to go. Also, you may want to check Eddie Bauer for casual clothes. They have a lot "grown up" clothes, but they have a lot of stuff that appeals to younger people, and it can be worn in a variety of scenarios. They are currently doing large clearance sales because they are pulling out this season's items for their "big" season, which is fall/winter items.

  • I've got a similar body type as you and don't go with baggy clothing. It doesn't work. I got more compliments on wearing slim, fitted jeans than I ever did wearing baggy clothes. link

    That link helped me more than I was expecting it to. I can't tell you where to shop for these clothes but good chance any place you do go will sell something that will work for you. I realize now that this might not be the exact answer you're looking for but it might help in some way.

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