Why do I find myself attracted to this woman that is at least twice my age?

I'm 20 and there's this older woman in one of my college classes, blond hair (I like brunettes normally), and her face is OK, reasonably attractive, and she's a thicker woman, but nothing out of the ordinary for a woman her age, I wouldn't say she's fat. but her breasts are quite sizable as well.

I'd say she's in her 40s, looks to be a put-together woman, but this never happens to me and it's strange. I can't help but look at her in class. Any ideas? Thanks


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  • Ah don't worry about it, I found myself doing that as well... I've even liked a woman who was nearing 50, but she honestly looked mid thirties at most. Nothing wrong with liking older women, although most women by then are married or are in serious relationships, don't know how many look for toy boys.

    • Nah I means it's harmless... It's not like it's a serious crush or anything lol. but still I just find it interesting that I admire this woman for some reason.

    • I found it interesting when I liked someone who was nearly 50 when I'm only 20 lmao Still I'm not the only one... I've known other guys who like the same woman lmao

    • Haha that's pretty funny. like I said to the other person that posted... I might be attracted to her more because of her maturity and such or something, she is pretty nice to look at, but many women are young and old. its just one of those times when you wonder just exactly what it is for admiring someone specifically over others.

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  • mmm well I know many guys who get attracted to older woman, and its not wrong, but I would advice you to meet girls at your age, and even younger who are mature, inorder to forget this woman. Because I know its not a cool feeling fter all.

    • Well its harmless... nothing I will act on lol. but still... I think its just the whole maturity aspect of it. I love a mature woman, granted I love girls my age too ha ha but they're just not all there in terms of being mature. maybe that's more the reason why I took notice in her?

    • Well since you love mature women, it is very normall that you got attracted to her. but you will for sure find some day a girl your age or younger who is also mature. I mean getting attratced to a womn who is older is not a wow feeling, as when you are attracted to a girl who is younger than you. think about it, a younger mature girl who you can feel a man in front of her. haha. older woman, almost are married, have children or have been through a lot in life..

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  • haha there's a woman in my gym who is in her mid 30's and my mate wants to get with her lol I find quite cool too be honest because if you did get with could you imagine the cool experiance adult sex but still, my theory in this is that if you are not to independant then older woman may seem to have a aura of security and mothering which I myself like as I dnt like don't everything myself although I was a mummys boy

    • Could be... I mean I'm only in college and not ready to have my own place yet and still looking for a job so that makes sense. I'm sorta a "mummy's boy" too lol. I love my mom :)

    • Lol we are all mummy boys deep dwn lol