When I make eye contact with the guys they look away. Guys what is really going on?

so I am in the club looking fly I catch guys looking at me head to toe and when I make eye contact with the guys they look away why? I know I am a pretty well maintained lady ..


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  • Society has taught men that its wrong to check girls out and that if you do you shouldn't let them find out.So you appreciated the attention and searched for eyecontact for them to approach you, what happened is that they took it as "oh no she looked, she noticed I checked her out" and turn away in the hopes you didn't notice.

    They are usually the shy guys, they might be intimidated or have no idea how to approach you because your always around friends or not and don't want to intrude even if they where interested.

    Give up on those guys and hope you'll meet some guys who have no issues with checking you, holding eye contact and then approaching you to get to know more about you.


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  • We've been trained by society that it's wrong to admire the female form. Don't blame us, blame the feminists.

    • Ok so why when I make eye contact they look away ? from a man point of view...

    • "Oh sh*t! She caught me doing something I'm not supposed to do!"

  • Its nt really bad 2 check a girl out but the aspect of a dude removing his eye 4rm a point of view when you turn is awkward,maybe he z got something bad in mind..

  • "DAMN she's fine...*you make eye contact*...shes too good for me- best look elsewhere" ...maybe that's what's going on :p

  • Intimidated/shy. You're probably a little "too" well maintained so they figure you're out of their league, automatically stuck-up, a bitch, whatever. If there's a guy you like just walking up to him and saying "hi" is all you need to do.


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  • Intimidation,

    The men feel inadequate.

    Stop lookin' fly, gurl.

    -A Haiku by Kelsey