Guys and Girls: What do you do when you want to know if he/she likes you?

What I mean is, what kind of ways do you use to "test" if a girl/boy likes you.

It would also help if this is in a high school environment but other comments are still great!


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  • I tell crap jokes... I find girls who like me laugh at pretty much anything.

    • True. Girls who like you laugh at ANYTHING. Happened to me last night.

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    • A man goes into a bar with carrots in his ears, the barman asks 'why do you have carrots in your ears?' the man replies, 'SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU I HAVE CARROTS IN MY EARS'. :L It always gets a laugh from girls who like me and it's a terrible joke.

    • I would laugh because it's so stupid probably.

      Just sayin' from a girls pov

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  • i watch for subtle body language like where their feet and shoulders are pointed. the way they are facing is the person they like or is most important. this is a subconscious thing people do because it makes it easy to turn to the person if they ask you something. weird but it works.

    another action I do is physically get a little closer to them. I'm in high school (senior) so sometimes I'll lean a few inches closer to them than necessary and seem natural (not creepy). If they don't like me they'll kind of move away. If they seem comfortable I might lightly brush my arm up against them reaching for something or flirt a little more because they seem open to me.

    overall body language is key. people reveal a lot more with their actions than their words especially of they are shy. I found a really good article on body language here:


    it's about reading guys body language but it's pretty much the same for girls

    basically anything they don't do when you're in a big group that they do when you're alone with them is a sign they may like you (stutter, lose train of thought, breathy voice is really common for girls, even just being really comfortable such that awkward silences aren't awkward)

    one last thing is to watch their eyes. if they look at you intently when you talk to them then look down/away when they talk to you that's a sign they are nervous and may like you.

    Best of luck and I hope this helps!

  • It is really hard to say, I mean no one can read minds and not everyone is obvious when it comes to them liking someone. All I can is that when you talk to him, her in this case, I feel that he likes me if he is really interested in what I have to say and makes those tiny efforts that my usual guy friends don't normally do like offering to help me carry my bag or something. With the quiet type guys I find harder to understand if they like me or not because they usually keep it to themselves or tuck away and I feel this kinda awkwardness..

    Anyways there is no official test to test someone if they like you or not but you can try to see if they look at you more frequently, want to be with you more etc.

    really tough question! depends on personality... people have their own styles of showing or hiding the fact that they like you haha.

    look in the eyes... if you catch them looking at you more and stuff

  • hmmm that's a hard about sending her a text with a song lyric that says something about love...and if she says something cute back she likes you, and if she says something like she is creeped out just say that's a song on the radio silly. ha ha I don't know sorry this is difficult...maybe just ask her?

  • I'll pretty much flirt a lot and drop hints that I want him to ask me out. And by that I mean, I make it really obvious and if he still doesn't ask me out, then I move on


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