What should I do if I'm walking past a guy I find attractive?

Point is that I may never see this guy again, so I'd like to know what one should do when this type of situation arises. Ever have that happen to you? You walk by someone you find extremely attractive & can't help wondering who they are? Etc. You know what I mean?

Today I walked pass this one guy I found attractive and wondered what I should have done in that moment besides giving him a shy smile.


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  • You gave him a shy smile? And he didn't propose?!?!?

    I think maybe next time, try doing something that he doesn't normally encounter 99% of the time from going about his daily life (ie. people making eye-contact with him, people smiling at him, people engaging in useless, meaningless and impersonally neutral conversational topics).

    • Hmm so what should I do? lmao it was a shy smile persay, more like playful like a smirk :D

      15 min later I was sitting pretty far from our school's library, and I guess he recognized me (only person wearing a blk shirt in this fall weather) because he was looking in my direction from afar while exiting.

      Yeah, I know what you mean...meaningless crap. I try to avoid that by being spontaneous and making people laugh, but I don't know him, so he may find this annoying if he's a really serious guy

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    • I'm a serious guy; the last thing I need is a serious girl. Someone spontaneous, fun, full of energy and life is refreshing, not annoying.

    • Awww thanks :D

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  • Stop and talk to him. Duh.

    I can count one hand the number of girls who gave me a "shy smile" in public and were also willing to talk to me. Now, if you wanted me to count the number of girls who smiled at me only to be bitchy when I walked up to them and said "hi" I would need about two dozen hands. "Shy smile" means nothing.

    • Look, if you don't know what to say just ask him if he knows where you can get a really good pizza, a drink, where a nice music store is, anything that is common enough to where every guy you meet will know about it. Anything that makes him talk is good. After that it's up to you.

    • Thanks :) Sure thing

  • Walk by him and smile, after you pass him look back over your shoulder, chances are he is checking out your ass, I always do, if he is looking stop walking and wave him over, just ask him if he was "checking you out" in flirty way or ask him" don't I know you from somewhere?"

  • make a move on them, I wish more girls would make a move as well, after all, don't girls want a guy that will give them healthy children as well?

    • Ha ha ha yeah AND I want to make a move, but I want to take the best approach without looking like a weirdo lmao you're silly

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