How does a girl have to look for you to ask her to dance?

I went to a club tonight and I didn't get asked at all.

I looked cute with makeup, dressy top and skirt and heels but no one approached me at all. What does a girl have to do to asked to dance with? I even asked guys myself and I got turned down. What happened? Was I too dressy? (Granted all the guys were wearing jeans and fitted t-shirts)


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  • With the guys that turned you down, they are just jerks or just not feeling like it so don't feel down about that. You did nothing wrong with appearance. If you don't get asked to dance in a club, just grab some of your girlfriends and hit the dance floor. If you look fun to be with, friendly and just having a great time.. some confident guys will approach you sooner or later, trust me. Just enjoy and don't think about it too much. Grab a guy friend to come with you as well if you like. :)


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  • Just have to find someone who is interested in you, and you like them etc

    • What? I wasn't asking them out on a date it's just a dance.

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