Makeup, is it more attractive? (primarily for GUYS)

What girl do you usually find more attractive? A girl with makeup on, or one without? And which do you find prettier - a girl with makeup, or one without? (the poll is for attraction, feel free to answer as well)

There are many people who would say "there's a thing as too much makeup and little makeup", but I personally dislike any makeup all together - hence why I didn't include a middle option - because everyone would go for that one. So, the question is, which one are you more often influenced by? Do you like girls with makeup on more than those without? YES or NO? =)

  • Yes, I more often feel attracted towards girls with makeup.
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  • No, I more often feel attracted towards girls without makeup.
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Okay, primarily think of the visible aspects of makeup like eye liners, mascara and all that dread.


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  • Some girls do it right and pull it off and don't look like a clown/Barbie doll.

    Some girls use TO MUCH makeup and that's just...Eck...

    Some girls just like to do it for fun.

    I for one will do it for fun now and then on weekends. In school I always wear lipgloss. Now and then mascara. Almost NEVER eye liner. NEVER Foundation. blush, and what ever the hell there called. Now and then eyeshadows [I hate it though since it always smears near the end of the day ._.;]

    Meh so long as they look god in it and don't look like a barbie doll I think its fine.


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  • No. Girls that butter themselves up with too much make up send one message. "I'm trying too hard to get noticed."


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  • Makeup put on well enhances your facial features. That's a fact. Guys are just stupid in thinking they don't like it because most likely they will see a girl with well applied subtle makeup and just assume she isn't wearing any because of all the clowns going around wearing a litre of orange foundation.

  • i don't wear make up.

  • ok, my boyfriend ALWAYS notices if I have prominent make up on, but if its a more subtle look, he likely won't notice. he likes me to wear lipstick though. I don't know why. he also says, "u usually wear makeup" if I'm not wearing any at a point where I usually am (going out, work, etc).

  • I think a lot of guys can't tell if a girl wears make up. In some cases its obvious but with just a little mascara and concealer, I find that a lot of guys can't tell

    • You're right, I wouldn't be able to tell if someone uses a concealer, but that just hides flaws and doesn't -try- to enhance the look of the person. Mascara, there's no way not to notice that. And I dislike it, personally. xP

  • i don't think most guys can tell. once I put makeup (foundation, concealer, bronzer, mascara) on half of my face and not the other. then I asked my brother which one was prettier. he couldn't even tell the difference.

    • I can. :D

      I usually prefer natural features not tampered with, even minor flaws...

      But the eyes convey information, and makeup on the eyes creeps me out. :O

      I do understand why some girls use makeup (so they don't doubt themselves and believe they are more attractive, or so) but I still don't think that in terms of aesthetics and physical attractivity it truly does them good.

  • If make up is well done and just enhanced natural features, guys can't tell at all that a girl is wearing make up. Sometimes they think that the girl has only some make up, looking natural, but that girl has a tone of make up, just goes lightly on the foundation.

    Guys can't recognize the small differences, nor the big ones - when it comes to make up.

  • I don't really understand makeup. At some point in their youth, the majority of girls have smeared some crap on their face, and thought to themselves: "Yes. This is I good idea. I should do this every morning because maybe then boys will like me."

    Sleep always seemed more important to me...

    • Finally, someone who sees the importance of sleep! :D

      Seriously, I don't randomly put crap on my face and hope girls will finally love me. I don't think it would work, anyways. :P Whoever made this up must have hated herself, haha. This is sort of sad.. >.>

  • I think it's so funny that you guys are spending so much time analyzing if makeup makes a girl more attractive. Obviously it does. Think about it logically, if makeup didn't make someone prettier, why would it be a multi billion dollar industry?

    • Because many girls are self-conscious and have low self-esteem and hate themselves, and the ability to hide themselves in a socially accepted mask makes them feel more confident? And therefore makeup is for the wearer, not for the environment? :P

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    • Ooh ooh, also what we percieve as 'attractive' is what the media has spoon fed us and *told* us is attractive. If I were a klingon (star trek) chances are I'd find all humans ugly because their appearance would not be what I was used to, or been 'told' to like. We are told makeup makes us more attractive because it makes them a lot of money, from our insecurities.

    • I'm so glad the genetic encoding of what we should find attractive is stronger than the media, in physical terms, anyways.

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