How Can an Ugly Girl Get Guys to Like Her?

Question says it all.


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  • some makeup.

    dress nicely.

    good personality.



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  • Work on her body. If she is lacking in one area, she has to work ont he others. Make herself approachable, so that men who are able to overlook her appearance are more likely to make a move.

  • Go with an ugly guy


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  • She may pack on make-up, masking her ugliness, or she's easy or or or or... she's only "ugly" to you.

    and what may be ugly to you, can be beautiful to someone else.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or whatever that saying is.

    • I dunno, I think there are certain kinds of looks that are beautiful to pretty much everyone, and certain looks that only a mother could love...

    • HAHAH so true. Well studies have shown that symmetrical faces are universally thought of as beautiful. But I'm sure that ugly girl, is found beautiful by someone. People have standards on beautiful based on what they see, and the way society is. Some people with big noses are just unattractive to people, and others don't really give a sh*t. It depends on the person.

  • You won't with that attitude.

    You need to have CONFIDENCE in yourself. You aren't ugly. I know it. Because all you need is some make-up, some diet and exercise (maybe), and some style (fashion sense).

    But most importantly, you need to have the type of personality that exudes confidence and high self-esteem. Otherwise you'll never get a guy to like you. So work on loving yourself.

    Good luck.

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