He likes me, but isn't looking for anything serious?

Day 1. We make-out pretty hardcore one night (after 8 months subtle flirting) because of a lot of alcohol.

Day 2. I ask him if we're still cool and if I have a standing invitation for that evening. He says he's cool, and ignores the other comment, laughing it off and switching the topic. Wa!? He later admits that he was wicked hung over that day. (I don't know if that's relevant)

Day 3. He says "I don't know" then "no" when I ask him if we are no or go. Then he says he's "not looking anything serious", and that he's "sorry for leading me on."

His bullsh!t reasoning (aka excuse, aka easy way of letting me down) is to say that he wants to sign his career contract first. Then he'll be set for life and can pursue someone. Obviously not me!

I still see him weekly, he's not trying to hook-up with me on the side or being a sleaze, but he won't go away! I wish he would go way. He's aloof one day and all nice like nothings wrong the next!

I can hate him right!?! He lead me on for months, and then just decides that he's not interested and I'm suppose to be okay with it!? WTF!

Please tell me it's okay to hate him. I'm back and forth on the matter. He's just so cute! See I did it again! Lol! :(


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  • Nah, it's not really a good idea to hate him. You don't have a very good reason. Sorry.

    You admit you two made out because of alcohol. Subtle flirting is not really seriously leading you on. Things happen, but it doesn't really seem like he's jerked you around or anything.

    I also doubt that you really want him to go away. You said yourself you're torn on the matter, but he's told you he doesn't want anything, so I'd say just avoid him unless you want to and can be friends with him.

    • I think that he's been trying to pull away lately too. I don't know how to respond to him or the situation. You're right I can't hate him... but I can't have him and that's even harder. Our flirtation went on for 8 months before we had the opportunity to hook-up, so it's hard to be okay with everything. Thanks for answering my question.

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