Funny patterned boxers or classic solid colors?

On guys

do you like the sag?

Oh, and why?


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  • not into the sag

    any color is fine as long as you're not wearing ones with barbie or brittany spears


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  • I only like a little tiny bit of sag. Like when a guy lifts his arms up and you can see the band of his boxers, and an inch or so of a pretty plaid pattern or something

    • If it's the guy I like (haha my boyfriend), then I think it's really sexy, and it just reminds me that he's got his manly pride and I'm alllll his (haha I know, I'm wierd). Also, it kinda makes me want him so bad, like if I see it, I'll just have to get ontop of him and show him how special he is to me :)

    • Wow. your crazy! all that because you see his boxers!

    • Haha yeah. I want my guy so much sometimes. I wonder why some girls turn sex down all the time. I certainly wouldn't...

What Guys Said 1

  • whatever boxers you ike are probably fine a lot of guys have plaid or solid but I have a pair of guitar hero boxers that my girlfriend thinks are funny. I don't really think a girl will care what kind of boxers you wear as long as they are clean.

    as for sag, anything more than the waistband and maybe a tiny bit more looks bad and a lot of times will give you a crazy wedgie so I would say waistband is about it for sag