Do you agree with him?

I told my friend (who was interested in me before) that I'm fat. And he says that I should

a) brag about my BIG beautiful body and take pride in who I am


b) Exercise and try to change the way I look.

He doesn't understand that I'm lamenting over how superficial and unfair society is rather he thinks that I should sacrifice everything to change my physical circumstances and that I'm somehow obligated to society to make myself more attractive.

I think he's being a jerk with this comment.


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  • Not at all he wants you to like yourself as much as he likes you. You should count yourself lucky not many people have friends like that.

    All he is saying is you should embrace your body and love yourself for who you are now or change yourself into someone you can love. He isn't even talking about other people the fact that he says option a is to be proud of being big and beautiful means he loves you just the way you are on some level.


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  • I don't. He was pointing out the two healthiest options. I'm tired of people complaining about superficiality. It's called f***ing evolution; the healthiest and strongest mates are picked. Do you really think people can go against a force like that?

  • I think you're being selfish and whiney.

    You basically asked for his opinion, and he gave you two GREAT options. You'd rather bitch and moan about other people and non-conformity than take his advice, so why the hell did you bother to ask him in the first place?

    If you truly believe in not obligating yourself to society, THEN DON'T. And in case you haven't figured it out, not obligating yourself/not conforming WOULD BE doing what your friend suggested.

    Option A.


    And besides, American dislike for overweight people is justified given biological/sexual concerns. We don't want to reproduce with an unhealthy person who can't take care of him or herself. I'm not saying you don't, I'm just saying this is ingrained in our minds.

    So either change, or start living up to your own words. Don't get mad at other people for, "not understanding". The only kind of respect in this world that matters is self-respect.


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  • he wants you to care about yourself probably like he does. show confidence about yourself and he would be like Woahh!

    I think you should stop saying your fat if your not going to do anything about it, he obviously cares about you or he would have just said yea your right or have not said anything at all. I think you should think about if you saying your fat is more important than having him as a friend. Cause why would he want to be friends with someone who is alway negative about themselfs. I wouldnt.

    So I agree with him.Sorry but its true,

    everyone has body issues, even the skinny cheerleaders.

  • I think he meant well and was trying to help you out. Either learn to love your body the way it is or change how you look so you won't be insecure about it.