Are their any girls out there that are against body modifications?

It seems like most girls seem to either want or have piercings, tattoos, make up, tanning sessions, cosmetic surgery and even dye their hair but what I really want to know is if there are any girls out there that are against I and do I need to alter my standards to accept this and force myself to prefer these women?

The reason I'm asking is because I absolutely hate! body modifications but it seems like nowadays its pretty much impossible to find a girl that hasn't altered her body or isn't planning too and it really turns me off, what ever happened to natural women? how is hanging metal off your nipples or ear attractive or even through your belly or how is coloring your skin in weird designs hot. I really don't know but are there any women that don't go along with the modern standards or do I just need to change my taste

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just an example of body modifications, its disgusting


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  • I'm against outrageous piercings, and all tattoos. I'll dye my hair rarely, and wear make-up... but casually, I don't pack it on, and won't put it on simply just to go to the store or something. There are PLENTY of girls who don't have any of the following tattoos piercings etc. Though most girls have single ear piercings, I've had mine since I was a baby and they never closed up. I started dying my hair in second grade and wearing make in fourth or fifth. It may sound unnatural but it's just how I grew up. There are plenty of girls out there who simply really just don't care about any of those things at all.


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  • I'm not like that, but, to answer your question, there definitely are girls who fit that description. I know plenty of girls who don't dye their hair, barely wear make-up, and have no piercings or only one in each ear lobe. They're normal, pretty girls, but they just aren't into all that.

    So yeah, you definitely can find someone who fits your description of attractiveness. Although, it is never a bad idea to open your mind a bit and consider redefining your description of attractiveness if you like someone for their personality.

    • You wouldn't change anything and you haven't added anything? really that's hard to imagine... but why do I need to 'open' my mind about it, I mean personality matters but any of this extra stuff just turns me right off her for a relationship

    • I don't really understand what you're asking. I have 14 body modifications, but I know people who have 0 and intend to keep it that way.

      I'm not saying you have too. It just may help you broaden potential mates and improve your chances of finding someone. But if it's THAT deep of a conviction of yours, feel free to stick to it. I'm not criticizing.

  • Wow thoust outdated attitude does suck megolithic babboon's posterior. Prithee this fair modified maiden, shall tell thou to go poke it wherest the sun dost not shine and maybe find a fair amish maiden instead of a modern wench?

    Seriously mate, get with it. Perhaps if you find some girl who's been living in a convent or a cave for the past twenty years then yes. But otherwise you don't stand a snowball in hell's chance.

    • Well I know in some countries it is really hard to get a common job with a piercing and tattoo so its not too common but in the u.s its quite common

    • Yes and they're the kind of countries who shoot a woman on sight for smoking a fag out in public and driving a car on their own and still think stoning is an acceptable form of punishment.

  • Seriously, you don't think there are women out there who are against body modifications? That just strikes me as odd. Right off the top of my head I can think of a bunch of girls who don't prefer stuff like that, myself included.

    I do have to agree with what acidpop said about being a little more open about stuff like this. Not saying you have to completely agree with it and tolerate it but if you won't date a girl simply because a little something extra, it might make you seem a bit shallow.

    • Its not that I don't think there are women out there that don't modify themselves in such a way, its just that there are very few it seems, everyone has a preference and mine is women that look like themselves its not exactly a bad thing but how does it make me shallow to like natural women?

  • I don't even have my ears pierced lol.


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