Girls, please tell me what you are looking for in a guy! I'M SO CONFUSED!

I'm trying to better myself to be more suited to a girls liking. I dress pretty nice already, I work out. my muscles are getting pretty toned. I think I'm decent looking, I do get called cute sometimes, but... my biggest problems.

I'm very shy, not very confident, I think I act kind of childish, not very manly, I don't know how to impress girls in general, I don't understand what girl's like in personality, I'm a nice guy, but I get called too nice. that I need to learn to be aggressive maybe? yeah, please help


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  • well, one of my teachers at school told a story today, "one time on TV someone did a survey to see what people look for in others. the most common answer was honesty". I agree with that.

    also, girls like it when people be who they are, and not a poser.

    it is possible to be too nice :) so try being I little bit agressive

    best wishes


    • Thnx Kizza. I think I will try to be a biit more aggresive. maybe ill start by actually asking a girl out. first time! wish me luck!

    • GOOD LUCK SWEETIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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  • Sometimes what girls want (from what I know) is not about looks or the way guys dress. Its really about how we make them feel but more so is about our personality and character. Girls generally love guys who make them feel good about themselves but more so generally loves life and can provide (for them) a level of safety and comfort when we are around.

    For guys, the general tip to find a girl is this. Know yourself - do what you love most in life, forget about girls while you're doing it and sure enough she will eventually come. The saying goes if you can actually live your life contently without a woman, you'll be more than happy when she finds you. This is because by then you won't be acting too 'clingy' to girls, which creates confidence in yourself, which in turn inspires women to get to know you. And when you are doing something you love, there's always a good chance you'll find someone with the same likes and interests.

    • You know, that's a perfect answer! thnx a alot! I think you helped me get back on the right path! thnx a bunch bro

    • Haha you're welcome! :)

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