What do guys think of extreme/colorful makeup?

Just curious. What do you guys think when you see a girl wearing artistic/colorful makeup, from a little bit of color to full on rainbow/multi color eyeshadow etc. Thanks!


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  • Honestly, not being mean. Men don't give a sh*t about makeup. I know I know it sounds crazy considering how much time and effort you women put into it but in my opinion a little goes a long way. The only time I notice makeup is if it is too much or f***ed up like those crazy ass drawn on eyebrows. Why do women draw scary clown eyebrows on. They are almost always noticeable and ugly. Warning: if a guy your dating is interested in your makeup...he's gay.

    • Not being mean at all - comment's appreciated! However, when you say "crazy ass eyebrows" what do you mean? Girls who colour their eyebrows in blue/pink etc? Or using brown/black "natural" eye pencils?

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    • They don't shave them off

      as you grow older, eyebows can fade

      some people also have little eybrows od light colored ones so they fill them in

      but some people just do it very badly

    • Yeah like Aia85 said. And after reading what I wrote, I feel that I came off a bit harsh. I have seen the drawn on ones done correctly and they look just fine. But seems to me that majority of the time they are not done correctly. And I didn't want to come off unappreciative. Ladies work very hard looking beautiful for men. I personally am a natural beauty type of guy. I think women look just fine without it. I'm glad I'm not a girl. I can hardly keep up on shaving my face.

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  • I think guys will give an extra look to the girl who wears makeup. The problem is not many guys want to be intimate with a girl who is drowned in makeup.

    When it comes to eye makeup, subtle is good. The problem with this is there are too many women who slap on way too much eye makeup and they look ridiculous. They remind me of raccoons.


  • Unless it's some sort of costume/theme party, full-on crazy-colors makeup is trashy. light colors are nice though (within reason). then again, I'm more into the natural, summer dress and pearls kind of look

    • That's fair enough - everyone's into their own thing and I like the fresh, natural look a lot of the time. But if I have time in the morning, I will usually break out the colour. :)

  • Everytime I see a girl all whored up like that I wonder if she really thinks she looks good. same goes for flamboyant hair.

    • I can see your point on makeup as sadly having negative associations with easy women, however I really don't see what coloured hair has to do with it? Surely such makeup is about self expression rather than being a "whore". I also think there's a difference between piling on lipstick and lipgloss so it's dripping, and being creative with colours.

    • im talking about the look at my crazy spikey just got out of bed multi colored disaster hair typically sported by hair dressers. I don't think tons of makeup makes you a whore.

    • It's rarely sported by hairdresses actually

      i know plenty of hair dressers and only one of them has ever had color in her hair

      it's mostly sported by scene kids

  • I usually like it.

    • Well if it's done right and sometimes on certain girls it looks awful.

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  • i used to wear my makeup like that but I blended it. one of my guy friends thought I was hotter without any makeup on and I think most guys don't really prefer it...i don't give a f*** though I liked the look back then so I wore it like that. now I might have colorful accents like in the corner of my eye but smoked out and blended but not to the point I used to...if guys like that then its cool if not oh well I'm still cute either way