Beauty; what does this word mean to you?

All up there. :)


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  • Far more than physical appearance. There is little real beauty in this world.

    A humble heart is beautiful.

    A pure spirit is beautiful.

    Innocence is beautiful.

    Truthfulness --- regardless of consequences --- is beautiful. And brave.

    Strength is beautiful; power is ugly.

    Wow. What a question!

    • "Strength is beautiful; power is ugly."... wow man sure you're not a philosopher? lol damn that was good.

    • Why, thank you. :) And beauty surrounds us. To me it's the colors of Fall and the new life of Spring, true joy and LOVE. When someone feels love and joy, there's no need for anything else, really.

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  • I think about this a lot. I came up with a fair analogy for my perception of beauty, too.

    You know when you have that picturesque scene? The soft, unblemished, golden sands glistening in the half-revealed, evening sun, disappearing, red hot, behind amber-tinted mountains, the waves lapping gently against the shore, in peaceful timing...

    I'm sitting admiring the broken television that's been dumped offscreen.

    • That sounds beautiful. :) Though to me it would be a scene best shared between two people.

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    • Thats awesome ^^ My dad's house opens right out onto the sea. He got a big window put in, too, so its just like, sea. My mam's bedroom, which I'm in every morning 'cos of the accessible plugs and decent lighting, doing hair and makeup, has an impecable view. It looks onto this carpark area, and there's streetlights and all, and it catches the sun coming over this removal yard which has been taken over by paras. Its class.

    • Beautiful views. :D I like how living in Calgary (Canada), you get to see the mountains when the days are clear if you're looking the right way and you're high enough that the buildings don't obstruct the view. :) And then if you go to Banff, they're HUGE. It's almost as though you could pick the snow off the tips. :)

  • A fresh sandwich and a comfortable chair. I'm a simple guy.

  • "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

    • Well, let's say you're the beholder. What's beautiful to you?

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    • That's good. :) I think that's beautiful too, someone who isn't afraid to show who they are.

    • Is that a crack at me being anon. :D

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  • okay, well to me, beauty is being completely confident with yourself, no matter where you are, or what you're wearing. Beauty is something that is on the outside but more importantly on the inside. its slightly an emotion to me. Beauty is more than just all of the makeup and fashion, its more of the "im confident and I'm not afraid to walk out not wearing any makeup" thing. (:

    • I agree. :) No one can love you until you love yourself, and a confident person loves themselves.

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