Could I not be finding the right guy because of a stereotype I might have?

I feel as though men get the wrong impression about me! I like to party, I am outgoing, I try to dress nice, and I have long blond hair. I get lots of guys, but none of them ever seem to be GOOD guys. Are they just assuming I am easy/dumb because of these things? I meet lots of guys in my classes but none of them pursue me. Just the dumb guys from parties. I am actually really focused in school, and I am a virgin so I am by no means an easy girl.

Am I just meeting the wrong guys? Is it a "stereotype" that is causing problems for me?


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  • "Dress Nice" = High Maintenance

    "Likes to Party" = Hard to keep around/won't be faithful

    "Gets lots of Guys" = Way too popular, too much competition

    "Really Focused in School" = The reason guys you meet in class aren't going after you

    "Blonde" = The straw that broke the camel's back

    So yes, it's a stereotype. The only thing that you need to change is the "focused" part - odds are you come off as unfriendly, stuck up, and don't notice it, hence why the guys you meet at school don't "pursue" you.

    • Well, its not like I don't talk in school. I focus hard on my homework and I spend a lot of time in the library, but I am very social and friendly with everyone in class. I have tons of guy friends from my classes, but all the "smart" guys don't go for me, I guess because of all the other reasons you mentioned. Thank you though.

    • You just need to let them know that you are interested in them, that's all.

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  • Thats funny you sound like the girl I'm interested in (from class) but anyway the fact that you like to party would probably have an effect becasue the guys you meet a lot at I'm guessing bars are most likely not interested in anything serious just to get laid and those not looking for that may get the wrong idea and not want the kind of person you seem to be, they may not realize what kind of person you really are. As far as school goes why would you sacrifice school effort for some guy school is more important. I wouldn't say blond or dressing nice would be a big deal just don't put off those associated images, I focus more on the attitude than appearence when judging in that way "get lots of guys" I guess just just try to show that these guys are not who you are looking for and don't show any interest.

  • if your not drinking its not a party.

    • Oh there is definitely drinking ha ha I am in college.

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    • This is getting too mixed up lol. a lot of guys who I meet at parties are douche bags, because I think I attract a certain type of guy. all the nice guys (who also attend parties, but only for the social aspect) are not interested in me. I basically only attract cocky guys (the kind that are only into getting wasted and getting laid.) so my question is basically, could my "stereotype" be the reason I am only attracting these jerks?

    • Ok for that it would depend on whether or not the guy was willing to get to know you before he judges you and if he has the courage to start a conversation.

  • "good" guys usually don't party.

    • I have a ton of guy friends who are nice guys and they party on the weekend because there isn't anything else to do at my college. sadly none of them are dateable though.

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    • Iam talking about a different kind of party then you are. And I said usually not all.

    • What kind of parties do you mean then? because I am in college so I go to frat parties, private parties, and clubs.

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