Girls have terrible taste in girls...

I'm sure it works vice versa. But it's something that get's on my nerves a bit, often a girl I know will say to another 'you're beautiful I'm so jealous'. And 99% of the time I'd think 'really? her? YOU are jealous of her?' Especially since most girls who say these things are rather pretty.

I guess I'm saying often pretty girls are modest (don't mistake my meaning of pretty to be a big breasted barbie, who is often a slut) and girls who aren't attractive (at least not to me, and dare I say most other guys) love themselves and fish for the compliments.

I'm not usually this aggressive in approach and I understand we can't define beauty since everyone has different tastes, but I'm talking about a majority situation among guys. I know a lot of my male friends agree this is the trend.

Is this just girls being friends and not going 'well you are fat and ugly'? Or do you just see it differently as if fat is actually curvy and ugly means they have character?

I'm sorry if this seems rather offensive, but I don't really get how pretty girls aren't noticed amongst girls whilst the more unattractive girls get a ton of comments. I can safely say though I'd never get a girl to pick a blind date for me!


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  • Girls are emotional and we look at minor details. If a girl is my friend, I think she is a great person, she takes care of her hair, dresses nicely, cute face and is girly, I will probably think she is really pretty. I'm not looking at her ass, titties, waist to hip ratio and judging how hot she is like a guy would. \

    I guess it depends on what your definition of a pretty girl and an unattractive girl is. I go by facial features and style.

    If a girl is my friend, even if she isn't cute I will tell her she is beautiful just to build her up and also because I may see some beautiful traits in her. I won't tell my friend "you're fat and ugly". Even if you think that is *lying* to them, I would rather *lie* to my friend and have her be confident (which every girl should be confident, not just the ones that guys approve of) than tell her or insinuate she isn't good looking and have her feeling bad about herself.

    And just because a girl is fat doesn't mean I'll think she's ugly. I think there are a lot of pretty fat girls out there. You have to be like 300 lbs. to start being ugly because of your weight in my opinion. Ugly has to do with face.

    • I generally go by girls faces, I've dated quite a few girls over my own weight and one or two quite abit more than my own weight. They had cute faces no doubt. I know a few girls who constantly get told by other girls they are gorgeous and they're jealous... I agree everyone should have some confidence, but the sort of comments are very over the top. I'd love to say I'm not a shallow guy, but everyone is shallow (they either don't know it or they refuse to admit it). I do have a taste for beauty

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  • Haha This last comment is funny...

    I know what you mean, and I've never called my friends ugly (and they aren't), but maybe they're not ugly because I see them as beautiful. (because I know them and you understand how someone's personality can turn a beautiful person into an ugly one and vice versa). This being said, when someone is curvy I say they're curvy, when someone is fat, well...they're fat. Curvy is not the same thing. Just as skinny is simply skinny. I do call them as I see them (but don't they see it themselves, really? They don't need me for that).

    I never think a girl with a tone of make up is pretty, or a girl with everything artificial on her (contacts of a different color, artificial nails, false eyelashes...). As for hairdye, I actually like it. Being an orangehead and all. Haha

    To me Christina Hendricks, Hayley Williams and Angelina Jolie (in Tomb Raider, when she wasn't a skeleton) are beautiful. Is this a girl thing? Or are they beautiful to men as well?

    • Depends who you talk to I'd say, personally out of those three Hayley Williams is the only one I personally find attractive... I have a weakness for cute girls, Hendricks seems to be more boobs and jolie seems to be half butch.

    • Haha

      Yeah...but everyone has their flaws. . .

      Hayley Williams has bad skin... :/ Sad but true. Doesn't mean she isn't beautiful.

    • She's still cute as a button :P

  • I think that a lot of the "unattractive" girls you speak of have lots of confidence. I've heard that some guys find confidence attractive. I also think they put themselves out there. They make it a top priority to get up super early and spend hours on their hair and make-up, while the "attractive" girls don't because they either don't care, or they don't find themselves attractive due to low self esteem.

    Also, you must know that girls don't judge attractiveness the same way guys do. I think any girl who has a sparkling personality or is super funny should be considered attractive. We also look at weight and, in my case, breast size. If I ever tell girls I'm jealous of them (always in a fun, lighthearted way) it usually has something to do with their breasts. I'm very self conscious about mine, mostly because my best friend is a triple D and has men falling all over her, which may or may not be a related to her ample bosom.

    I also think it has to do with being friends and wanting to make them feel good. I think most girls are flattered when they hear that another girl is jealous of them. So, I make it a point to compliment my friends on their looks, whether I think they look good or not. I know my best friend is slightly overweight, but she knows this and doesn't need me to tell her.

    I hope this helped a little bit. I can't speak for all girls, but this is how I feel about it.

    • I think a lot of girls have insecurities about their breasts, Honestly I don't know many guys who do like big breasts... IMO they look stupid, like disproportionate and fake. I don't get the fascination myself. I've dated quite a few girls who think their boobs look weird or that they're too small and it's definitely never true.

  • alot of the time girls have a low self-esteem I am bisexual and I think thin girls with blue eyes are the most attractive but the usually have to be smaller than me for me to be attracted to them and yeah I am jealous of girls who are a healthy weight and don't look like a "holocaust victim" (my bfs twins nickname for me) or have an eating disorder which I don't but back to the point I find pale blue eyed blondes the most attractive but I like anyone that looks pretty and doesn't overdo the makeup or anything so that is my opinion on the4 whole thing but I look at it from a guys and girls opinion so I hope this helps

  • If a girl is a true girlfriend,

    then she wouldn't come out and say "oh, you're rather...ugly."

    That's mean and insensitive.

    Maybe the less attractive friend has self-esteem issues

    and/or has a good heart according to the 'pretty' friend.

    • I don't think lying to them is any better though. I'd just avoid the question, if I was to tell them they were gorgeous I'd never hear the end of the questions, why am I single? why doesn't he like me? and so on. If someone was nice then they could mention that instead. I don't know I'm seeing some people who are overly full of themselves and others who are very down when they shouldn't be. I wish everyone was neutral. :P

    • Welcome to the world of girls.

  • haha! its not that we don't think we are pretty.We can sometimes say that is because we don't dress like every one else who has the low cut/ tight shirts and showing every thing our mama gave us just so that a guy can look at them lol, but that's just me...most of the time the girls a lot of guys check out are really ugly. its the whole body image that hides there face, Get what I'm sayin?

  • i agree with you! I say it because the fat/ugly girls need compliments to make themselves feel pretty. If a girl is really pretty, she can't deny it!

  • LOL, we might be giving unattractive girls compliments because they are generally insecure & need a pick me up.

  • Girls generally don't know that they are beautiful & there is so much pressure put on females to look attractive, & a certain way, that we are constantly down on ourselves.


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