If a better-looking girl liked you, would you cheat or leave the girl you're with?

I've been with the same guy for 2 years and I love him. Unfortunately we're temporarily long distance. Every time I see that he has a new friend on facebook, I'm stupid enough to click on it, and if it's a girl who's prettier than me I get very upset. I usually ask him about it, and he always says "but YOU're prettier" but I know he's just saying that to be nice some of the time. It doesn't bother me that prettier girls exist--they always will--but I'm afraid that if a girl who's prettier than me shows any interest in him, he will either cheat or dump me. Because why not upgrade?

I'm not a bad looking girl, most would say I'm very attractive...I'm thin with a good hourglass shape and a pretty face. He thinks I'm beautiful. But of course there will always be better, and if you're with an 8...why would you stay with an 8 when you could have a 10?


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  • Would you leave him or cheat on him if a better looking guy was interested in you? If not, why would you think that he would do that?

    Contrary to popular belief, physical beauty is not the only thing that guys are attracted to.

    • No, but I really don't think good-looking men (like him) have that mindset. I might be a good looking girl but it took a lot of therapy for me to gain any confidence. He's always been confident.

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    • No, but I do think any guy is hypnotized by a better looking girl. Even if he's a good guy. Unless he's a real saint.

    • Well, maybe you should give us a little more credit than that. I'm no saint, but I wouldn't dump a girl just because I met a prettier girl I got along with. Have you talked directly to him about your worries?

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