I can't seem to stop touching my face and it's causing acne!

I can't seem to stop itching, picking, touching my face. Leaning on my had is a big no-no that I do absent mindlessly. I seem to touch my face more when I'm on the computer or at work (i.e. Face in hands, scratching, hands though hair etc). I tend to do it when I'm stressed or bored so sometimes I don't notice until its too late that I do it.

Is there any ways to stop this bad habit?


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  • As an ex-nail biter, I feel you.

    Carefully, deliberately develop some other stress response. Get your hands doing something else. And work on stress managment generally; the calmer you are in your life, the less often your nervous tics will arrive, the the easier they'll be to control.

  • Maybe you're nervous about something. In order to stop the acne or at least fight it consider this:

    -Don't eat chocolate

    -Shy away from sugary drinks such as soda

    -Don't eat greasy fast food

    -Do something productive that will ease the stress

    -Wash your face everyday

    • Acne has nothing to do with diet, hygiene or stress. Unfortuantely, it's all genetic, either caused by hormones.

    • Check out this link.... https://www.acne.org/causes-of-acne.html

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