Is it weird that I am terrified of large bugs? I am using my laptop sitting on the couch in my living room( in an apartment).i get up to get a drink of water and look a the wall above my couch and there is this big cockroach looking thing. I freak out, but gather all my courage to get a shoe and face off with this creature. when I get closer to it , it just flies over to my fireplace. I freak out.this thing is huge and it FlIES.i head in my room and close the door, and call a guy friend tocome kill it.Guys are never there when you need them. He is too tired to come. I peak my head out of my room and look around for it again, its now on the bathroom floor.i immediately close the bathroom door.and put towels under the door so it won't come near me.I AM FREAKING OUT WHAT DO I DO? THIS THING IS HUGE. I HATE BUGS.AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHAT IS THIS FLYING INSECT?

ALSO is it weird that I am so afraid of larg bugs,.i mean I cna't help it. When I see them I can't help but get t his feeling that they are crawling all over my body. I lay in my bed an twitch, just imaging it. And killing them is the worst, the crunch.oh the crunch it drives me crazy. That crunch just rings in my ears. Then the bug juice.ewwwww the bug juice.makes my skin crawl and makes me wanna barf.


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  • That's not weird. What's weird is that you don't have a multi-purpose can of Raid. Get one and kill any bug that offends you.

    • XD almost exactly what I was thinking.

    • It's the way to go - kills the bug and eliminates the gross squishing side of it.

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  • omg that is just like me! no that's perfectly normal. just have to say I hope you don't have to go the bathroom anytime soon. Maybe you could get someone who lives in the other apartments next to you to come kill it.