What can an average looking girl do to get an average looking guy to like her without seeming to needy?

I've been told that I look pretty at times but I know I'm dealing with average looks, but I also know I'm not terrible looking either. However, it seems like even when I go for guys in my own league they are always only giving attention to the really pretty or really slutty girls. In fact the only time I get that kind of attention from guys is when I go clubbing and wear the type of short dress that I would never wear if I weren't clubbing and those guys are just looking for a quick hookup which isn't my style. Is it just something I have to deal with at college age or is it something I can work around?


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  • Let me pust it this way, you say that you want an average looking guy to look at you since you are also average looking. Then you go on and say that guys only go after hot girls. What you are doing is the same, you being average you wouldn\t hook up with a less than average guy? So you are doing the same thing here.

    If those guys are going after hot or slutty girls then they are only interested on the outside of a person and not who they are inside.and ofcourse they just want to get layed. So, what you need to do is be yourself and the right guy with the right intentions will come along, ugly looking or super gorgeous...doesn't matter! Don't be superficial like the people you describe that won't hook up with you! Just a thought!

    But good luck!