I just started dating this guy and he's the jealous type.

I just started dating this guy and he's the jealous type, apparently I was flirting with his best friend today so he's really angry with me, I've been texting and I think were in a fight right now and I'm trying to get a second chance, I'm scared and sad what do I do? :'(


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  • Leave him my first marriage started out like this and I didn't want to upset him so I stopped talking to guys all together since according to him I was flirting with everyone so after I totally bailed on all my guy friends he had problems with my girl friends and I didn't want to ruin our relationship so I bailed on them too so after I had no more friends to turn to he attacked me emotionally and belittled me soon if I even tried to leave the house I got beat I say stay away from jealous guys it's not worth the stress it causes to you to worry weather you are doing this right or that right and I wld hate for any girl to end up like me divorced with two kids under the age of five who need to go to therapy because there dad was the jealous type and my kids saw him beat me now they go into hysterical fits if anyone even raises a voice at me jealousy is unhealthy in every way all it does is hurt people whether it goes to the extent of my ex's jealousy or just stupid fights it's still not good for a person and will bring you down and no relationship was ever meant to bring you down or change you in anyway be true to yourself and there is someone out there that will love you just as you are even your flaws because god knows we all have them


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  • if tht guy dosnt trust you then I don't think he rllllyyyyyyyyyy loves you

    if he rllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loves you then he would have to trust you

    o and I don't really think there is much you can do sorryyy! (I can't think of anythin :P)

    sorry !

  • Why the hell would you flirt with his best friend?

    • I meant to write apparently, I didn't flirt with his best friend he just was say that because he was so jealous

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  • "Apparently" I was flirting... I get the feeling that you probably did something that you did not see as flirty but this guy did. You need to search your soul as to what you think is appropriate or inappropriate behavior and not use this guy's opinion as the meter of what you should or shouldn't do.

    I have been surprised at what some people consider flirting. Some guys consider just talking to another guy as flirting. You would have to be an aloof b*tch to satisfy their need to not have their girl flirting. I don't date guys like that. They are controlling and no fun. Who needs that?

    If you are a friendly, nice person, you have a great sense of humor and get along with guys and girls, I think you are with the wrong guy. If you like to make sexually suggestive comments and use provocative body language to other guys, you should rethink that behavior. So, come to terms with yourself and your standards first, then think whether you stand a chance at making it work with this guy.

    • No I'm defiantly a friendly person

      I don't act/dress like a slut and I'm not a cheater

      Me and this guy are done now because he's way to controlling and like as a different girl everyday (very immature)