People who like to read, I need advice!

I'm a guy who likes to read novels or books but don't do it, I prefer watching TV or surfing the net rather than reading. 6 months ago my friend suggested me a novel called The Beach House by James Patterson, I started reading it and reached chap. 28 (it's about 100 chaps.), but then I got busy because of studying and stopped reading it,

the problem is that I don't get into the reading mood a lot, however I like to read, I like people who like to read a lot, I want to be like them.

and I prefer novels that took time in the 16th or 17th century written in British English, like Sherlock Holmes,

so I need some advice on how I can get myself to read more, and if you can suggest stories or novels I should read.

thanks in advance


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  • .. you do know that Sherlock Holmes was written, and set, in the 19th Century.


    Why not try some shorter novels; that way you'll still be reading, but it'll be easier for you to finish a story, and get back into reading - sometimes life just gets in the way of things like that.

    Maybe try some of Maurice Leblanc's work. His Arsène Lupin series in particular.


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  • try novels by anthony trollope. I love him


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  • I have this problem, but 'cos I'm heavily, like, HEAVILY dyslexic. So I'm fine on stuff like this, y'know, internet stuff, or music, but books? My god. I absolutely love them, but... I go through spells. Sometimes it causes me intense physical pain, sometimes its the best thing everrr. My friends notice this, too.

    Just don't fight it. When you get the feeling, read. When you dont, dont.There's no real gain in reading. People say there is, but there isnt. So its not like your missing out on something massive. Its a leisure activity, you know? Do it at your leisure, babyyyy. You'll find the time.

    By the way, I love the period of time you dig. Victorian Literature is my thing, although I tend to get it in Play form. For something different, but with that gritty darkworld style - assuming you don't go for the upper class lit - you could try George Orwells masterpiece 1984, or try reading my short story, which I put up on this, hahahaa.

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