Guys, if you don't feel attracted to her, will you initiate to tell her what kind of girl you want?

like my question says, when you decided to let a girl know what is your girlfriend to be characteristics that you are looking for (in detail), does it mean you are interested in her or you just want to let her know (even though she don't ask you about it)... if so why? and when you keep on hinting at the girl you don't have a girlfriend (without her asking), are you trying to hint her? or just telling it without intention?

as asked by PhatPat I will try my best to rewrite this question:

Guys, what you actually have in mind when:

a) you are telling her all the traits you want in a girl (standard that you set in order b4 consdering to make any girl as your gf)

b) you are letting her know more than once in same day conversation you are still single and available.

all these conversation is initiate by u, meaning the girl didn't ask you about all of these information about u. why would you do so?
just to make a conversation? or actually you are hinting her?


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  • Well, do some of the characteristics he lists pertain to you? If so, he may be hinting at you. Usually a guy will describe a girl who have similar characteristics to drop a hint.

    If it is entirely a different girl that he's describing, he's probably just telling you as a friend.

    • Well he mentioned the height, which is less than 5cm different from me, and he mentioned the average rate of the girl 7/10, and my friend told me, yes I am definitely a 7 or more, so I am not really sure?

    • And ty for your comment :) appreciate it!

    • Well if that's the case, and he keeps on informing you that he's single, he's probably attracted to you. Now go flirt with him and see how it happens. Glad I could help.

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  • he's either into you or most likely he's hinting you that he likes a friend of yours and he wants you to tell her what he likes in a girl.

    • Ok, but it's not possible he like a friend of mine, because he know none of them except for 14 year old that I treated as sister and a 19 year old boy who's used to be close to me :) and ty for your comment, I appreciate it :)

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  • Sorry sweetie, I think this hasn't been answered because it's kind of confusing. Can you possibly re-write your question?