Guys: What reasoning did you have for pulling away from a girl you thought was beautiful?

If she's nice to you, shows interest in you, you talk to her all the time, and you like/are attracted to her, why would you completely pull away from a girl like that by not answering emails from her? Or even not agreeing to meet up with her in person? This guy was showing all the signs, but we barely see each other, and he refuses to meet up with me every time I bring up hanging out by saying he has other things to do. I sent him an email saying if he doesn't want to talk to me that he should tell me. Have I lost any chance that I had with him? I also think his friends (who, quite a few of them are female) don't like me. He invited me out, I went to the house, everything went great, we had a good time talking to each other, he was asking me questions about myself, etc

That was the last time I saw him, it was a little over 2 weeks ago, and ever since then he hasn't been very talkative. I can't help but think those girls have something to do with it. The best friend of one of those girls (she was also at the party) likes him, and they know that he invited me, and that I'm a new person in his life. Because they don't know me, do they see me as a threat to them and a potential girlfriend?


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  • "Too good to be true" ring a bell?

    Possible reasons:

    - Ex girlfriends/fiances/wife(s)

    - Family issues

    - Confidence issues

    - No desire to get into a relationship

    - Too busy with their kids

    - Too focused on their job

    - Working more on their future than a relationship


    Most of any reason people will come up with - is not a permanent "it will never happen".. They are merely: "Not yet" forms of answers.. Meaning that no matter what "excuse" (aka reason) someone can come up with, there is always a way around those "reasons" (aka excuses)..

    Family issues? Help him with his family and stick it through.

    Too busy with their kids? Take the family on a vacation, them and you.

    Too focused on work? Give him some space and show some interest/effort

    etc etc etc..

    All temporary issues; all resolved effortlessly.. but definately frustrating in the moment.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • You know some girls just unapproachable. Perfect example. I have this Girl in my class she is just Hot but not sexy hot but HOT all the way to the core you know what I'm talking about, and you know, she looks so BEAUTIFUL and so sexy and so hot and so cute all those things combined together that it is even scary to come up to her. I have so many guys ( not gay ) HOT guys including me of course lol and no body and I mean NO BODY even talks to her. There are just some girls who are TOOO good looking to MUCH that it axially starts to scare guys a way. Even the most cocky ones.

  • It's probably a personal reason. Artist brought up a pretty good list.

  • No reason other than severe personality conflict.


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