My boyfriend doesn't tell me I'm beautiful unless I ask? but compliments his friends?

who are not as good looking as me? so it makes me think maybe I am delusional and they ARE prettier and I just don't see it? everyone will tell me to chill it's no big deal that I am prettier...but if I am why would he tell his friends they look cute or are pretty or have beautiful eyes, etc?

i feel so ugly. I used to think I was very good looking but I don't anymore because he doesn't tell me. I mean, if I WAS pretty I think at least the man I love would tell me right? I dunno what to do...advice?


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  • Sounds like you want reassurance, not just random compliments..

    • Kinda both.... I wanna know he still finds me pretty, and have him tell me it when I do look nice...

    • How long have you two been together?

      My boyfriend I have been together for a long time now, and now that I think about it he doesn't consistently tell me I'm pretty. I know he thinks it though, and I know he's attracted to me. Does your boyfriend still act like he's attracted to you?

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