How to get eye contact, do you look at someone who looks at you?

Hey, just been wondering in general, how to get eye contact from a girl before approaching her?do I need to look at her for longer? I've always heard that making eye contact is good but a lot of the times I don't get a glance so it's hard to know whether a girl isn't interested or just hasn't noticed me. Don't want to stare too much either.


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  • Dude, girls can feel it when somebody is looking.

    Actually, I'm sure anybody can feel it!

    glance up more? the whole point is giving her the looks right?

    of cos like you said, don't stare lol. it creeps her and she will spread to her friends and yadadada.

    take a chill pill dude! if not, go closer or sit closer.

    the best judge in this scenario is you - if you feel she's not gonna give you the look or she's too lousy to notice. its best to try again another time

    • Thanks for the advice man.