Whats my body shape?

so I've looked it up on google and such but haven't really found out what my body shape is like pear, hourglass, rectangle, cone etc.


im also 5'8 and weigh 125 lbs, I'm a 5 in pants and a 6 in dresses but the top has to get tailored a little bit.

ive been told I'm a pear/hourglass by people but when I look in the mirror I can't tell at all what I am.

plz help me you can answer with a simple one like rectangle etc unless you wish to explain what makes me one is completely up 2 you.

also do you think I have a good body measurements or a good body just curius.?

also could anyone tell me outfit/clothes ideas for my body shape?

(I have brown hair & brown eyes I don't know if that helps.


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  • your pear like me. You aren't extremely pear but you are enough to where when you wear fitted clothes your hips are slightly bigger than your chest. I'd say that if you want to make your bust look bigger to wear fitted tops and not so fitted bottoms

  • i don't really know what shape you are; I don't read about that kinda thing.

    but brown hair and eyes look really nice in purple. and blues.

    i wear these all the time and get lots of compliments on it.

    hope this somewhat helps!