Are you attracted to people that don't care?

For a while now, I have let myself go. I barely dress presentable, I don't shave often, I just got a haircut and I make sure I workout regularly but I just don't care anymore about how I look or how I'm looked at and for some reason lately iv always been getting come ons from girls that I do not want.

Whats the deal people, if I look like a bum why is this happening? Are people attracted to people this?


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  • I think am the opposite. I tend to be attracted to people that are cleaner in appearance (including clothes that look nice, though I tend to go for emo or prep boys a little more in general) It grosses me out to think of having dirt under the nails. At the same time I can live with someone's hair getting a little greasy from not washing it because they would be in the house all day, but again this has a limit of like a day. Facial hair I like it if is trimmed or a 5 o'clock shadow (so still short). As far as body type, I like anything from scrawny dudes to dudes that are a little on the chubby side (like a teddy bear! haha)... I actually tend to get a bit intimidated by guys that work out all the time and have an 8 pack and huge arms. But its really the personality that is the hooker in any case.

    Point is, you say you are letting yourself go, and it is attracting girls that you do not want. Do you think that is because you were more attracted to the girls that wanted you when you cleaned yourself up? If that is the case then you are stuck a little and you may either need to hold out for a girl who likes the new chiller you or you need to pick it up again and continue to go after the girls you liked previously.

  • No, I'm not. I like clean, fresh, presentable guys. Maybe you're just hot or something that causes them to ignore your carelessness in hygiene...


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