What kind of style do you like for a guy or girl?

Give a description of your type based on looks, clothes, hairstyle, personality and any other kinds of stuff you can think of. Then tell me how you'd describe yourself.


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  • I like when a girl wears clothes that are a little different or interesting in some way. It doesn't matter what specific style she dresses in, but if its original or creative then I think that's really cool. I think scene, hippy, metalhead, indie, punk, or just a regular casual style can all look really hot on a girl if she puts a little bit of thought and originality into it.

    I really like to buy shirts from independent t shirt companies on the internet. I'd rather my shirts have some sort of artistic print or meaning on them rather than a generic brand logo. Plus, its really fun to hunt around on the internet for something that you really like. Its so much better than shopping at an actual store. iamthetrend.com is really great for finding these types of shirts.

    Pretty much, I would like a girl who thinks about style in the same way that I do, but doesn't necessarily have the same exact style as me.


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  • Mm, my ideal sort of style and type is like... Fairly long, dyed black hair, really obvious fake tan, heavy makeup, stylish kinda tops, y'know, vogue knock-offs, haha, jackets, jumpers, coats stuff like that, dripping in gold and silver jewlery, skirts/shorts and leggings or trackie trousers, or tights, like. Little summery dresses work aswell, in 'nude' and tan colours, or whatever. Then, tall boots, or trainers.

    Yeah, I know, right? No one fancies these girls. I'm a steek, though. A steek in makeup, hahaha. A steeks basically a chav, yeah? And I just described Northern Ireland's female chavs, haha. Whom we refer to as Millies. But they're lej's.

    For a guy, I like wee emos, or metalheads, but always with a touch of femininity, but not so much that's its, y'know, overly gay. Which is a major turnaround, LOL.

  • Casual/preppy and I'm casual.

  • your look is doing it for me


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  • Okay I'm pretty picky but I don't know, I've never met anyone that looks like what I'm about to tell you yet (hopefully I will some day).

    -Into preferably blond (or light brown) hair

    -DEFINITELY green eyes! I'm a sucker for those...but blue are okay.

    -Always a plus if he has a good body :D

    -DEFINITELY taller than me.


    -Has some sense of style...WEARS his pants right (I hate it when guys put it like below their butt and show boxers). I don't have a special 'thing' for guys' style. I just like anything that looks good on him..and if he shows he knows how to dress. I love button-up shirts on guys though, they look really sexy.

    Anyway, as for personality, I like a guy that can have a good time, make me laugh and yet manage to be mature. Also, that he's smart and knows how to treat women. I would like it if every now and then he would listen to me instead of arguing. So, smart, funny, a bit care-free yet mature, and pleasing to my eye (lol).

    Yeah I know I'm picky...and I probably won't find a guy that is EXACTLY like that but, I hope to find someone somewhat similar to my description.

  • taller than me... but that's not hard cause I'm pretty short.

    I love stylish guys... kinda how they dress in Europe. Perfect example is Christiano Ronaldo. I absolutely love how he dresses!

    personality wise he has to have an amazing sense of humor cause I LOVE laughing and he has to be outgoing. and I like a guy I can be silly with haha

    I'm not very picky on specific looks really just as long as if he's not scrawny or fat. And he must have short hair... I can't stand long hair on a guy.

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