Why is it so hard to talk to girls I don't know very well?

guh, why is it so hard to talk to girls I don't know very well/like. I have tons of friends that are girls, In face, the only friends I hang with when I come back from college are girls, and we talk and laugh, and have a good time, but when it comes to a girl I don't know very well, and think she is cute, I can't even get a "hi" out. -_-


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  • The question title is very misleading.

    I thought you perhaps had trouble looking girls in the eyes when you speak - those you do not know personally. Let me tell you one thing though. If you can consistently maintain eye contact while you talk to new girls, its better than looking away constantly because things seem less personal when said while you are staring at the sky or another random girl walking down the street. It is all about getting out there and just jumping in for practice. Once your confidence is no longer an issue, you will be bagging them left, right and centre. Good luck champ.

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