Would you rather be with a pretty girl who's quiet or a popular hot girl?

If you guys are busy, you can just answer with short answers like: Quiet girl or Popular girl.


Quiet girl - The quiet girl is pretty self explanatory. She's self contained, shy, pretty, smart, somewhat athletic, fit, not loud, friendly, great style and etc.

Popular girl - The popular girl is like what you see in movies. She's outgoing, hot, loud, has passing grades, athletic, fit, flirty, friendly, abercrombie/hollister style and etc.

I'm just wondering how many men out there would choose the quiet girl, because majority would choose the more interesting one.

There's no wrong answer !

Thanks :)


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  • It really depends, the hot girl you mentioned is unrealistic, theyre always a bit of a bitch. All I can say for certain is that I would date both of them but I'd probably be more interested in a fling with the hot girl and a serious relationship with the quiet one.

    • But then again everyone has an unrealistic side to them (their fake side).


      Thank you

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  • The most common answer would be both depending on circumstances and other factors.

  • Quiet. I hate loud.


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