Have you ever felt extreme attraction toward strangers?

I was going into a building and this good looking guy was in front of me. As he approached the door first, he opened it and held the door for me. I smiled and thanked him as I passed through, but as I did this without me even thinking anything I felt this strong attraction toward this guy. It was like mix of I want to get to know him AND rip his clothes off. He just pulled me in kinda thing. I don't feel this way toward every good looking guy, but it was interesting cause it was only for couple seconds that I saw him.

Anybody else experienced this before? Immediate attraction?

I also wonder if the other person ever feels something similar.


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  • I have had that happen to me from time to time...I work at a grocery store and...and this girl came throught my check-out lane and like I do with everyone I asked "How's it going?" And she was just like "it's going" in a funny/sarcastic way. She was the kind of girl I see sattracted to (band tee, kinda punkish-Avril Lavigne looking but not overdoing it). And I just looked at her and was like "yea?" and smiled.. Then we had a short conversation about something funny...she smiled and I dunno, I just felt a real connection and I had a desire to get to know her. Just like that.

    O, Also good to see some girls appreacite the whole door opening thing...I recently got a "I can open by myself!" by some feminazi...She wouldn't go in until I went before her...I was like "geez...sorry' lol

    • Yea, I don't get where the attraction comes from. It's part physical and something beyond I can't describe. :P

      I live in the south where it's common for men to open doors. Plus I have an older brother that does stuff like that for me so I'm actually really used to it, but if people don't I don't think they are rude or anything. :) But yea, those feminazi's..it's not like men only do it for women, well some may, but I'd think they would do to for little children and elders too.

    • Ahhh the good ol South! lol...I'm from Kansas btw...but in the burbs...not a small town..but I guess things...and yea I do it for a lot of people...I consider it kinda rude to let the door get sallmed on someone so if they are a few paces behind me...I always hold it for a few seconds to make sure it doesn't slam on them

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