Are there any good guys out there?

I'm starting to think there aren't any good guys out there anymore. Even my best guy friend says "I would date you and have feelings for you, but I don't like you ." Wtf does that even mean? Seriously, even the good guys seem to just be playing a game or lying to get in a girl's pants. Guys seriously, are there any guys out there who want a girl they will respect and actually be in a relationship with and not just leave after they get sex? I'm starting to believe there aren't any out there anymore.


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  • Your best friend likes you, but is afraid to show it.

    You can't have feelings for someone and NOT like them.

    If you want to date your best guy friend, and take the initiative, I guarantee you he isn't going to refuse.

    And yes, there ARE good guys out there, but girls aren't attracted to them. There ARE guys who want an actual RELATIONSHIP, but you wouldn't want to go out with him if you met him. That's just how girls are. Attraction works on a subconscious for you.

    Here, you say you want a caring guy who respects you and won't leave after they had sex. But out there, if you meet a guy like that, you're not gonna feel any chemistry with him.

    And before you say I have no idea what I'm talking about, just take a look at your best friend, and give me ONE good reason why you're not going out with him.

    • I want a relationship trust me. A lot of guys out there that I know of aren't really interested in one. And the only reason I'm not with my best friend is because I had told him in the past that I was interested in him, and he said he didn't have those sort of feelings for me "even though he wants to date me." I'm not really sure about him. He goes back and forth on the whole issue. I'd love to have an actual relationship with him, but he keeps pushing me away...

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  • Regarding what your best guy friend said - he might mean: He likes you better as a friend? Relationships can tear people apart. Somebody will get hurt. So its probably he doesn't want to get hurt or to hurt you.

    I agree that there are guys out there who just want to get laid and vanish the next day.

    Problem is, these guys will never change their styles. You have to look in other places.

    I cannot tell you which guy to take a chance for because I'm just another man with a different view.

    I didn't think there's any nice girls after one of my serious relationships ended in a fury and silence for years to come.

    But no, I'm just living life as it is.

    It is unpredictable, hard, and sometimes it's easy to sum up most moments with "WTF"

    So hence, I'm just doing my thing and see who comes along (:

    that man you're looking for will come soon. give it time.

    you can date people, but just look for the telltale signs if he's all in for sex only. be smart!

  • They probably just don't like your personality. If they did they'd stay with you after they had sex with you.

    • Much like yourself?

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    • Uh huh. Girls just rape you instead I guess. By the way, stop creeping on my profile you troll.

    • Nahh, that didn't happen either. I was just going through the relationships section actually. So relax kidda. :)

  • I am sure there are. And in time, you'll find the guy you're looking for; just don't give up, or stop believing that you will.

    And I have no idea how that works: "I would date you and have feelings for you, but I don't like you." 'Tis very confusing, indeed. >.<


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  • Coming from a girl who has never dated there are nice guys out there but just hard to find. And the one's that are interested are probably too shy to ask or are afraid of rejection; guys are only human too :) But don't give up, I haven't.