Guys - Difference between Beautiful and Hot?

If the girl is attractive, do you still label her beautiful or hot?

I have come to find out lots of guys have different point of views on these words and their meanings.

Its a silly question, but I had to ask it lol


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  • Beautiful is a much more refined word both in meaning and in usage. It means that a person is aesthetically pleasing (i.e. "pleasing to the eye") in a classical sense that transcends any trends in appearance or fashion. The person looks good in all circumstances.

    Hot is more "of the moment," and is a flirtier, lustier kind of word. Calling a girl hot usually means that there is a superficial sexual attraction. It speaks less of a guy's true preferences in looks and more to what is immediately eye-catching.


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  • Most of the time a beautiful girl is a girl you'd get in a relationship with.

    A hot girl is someone who you would have a one-night-stand with.

    Though, these aren't always the case. Just, it seems like most of the time.

    • I agree!

      Also, Beautiful is a greater compliment than "HOT" if a guy tells you "you are beautiful" you have captured his heart, if he says "Damn, you hot" he is usually looking at your ass and breast and thinking about how many sex positions he can get you in.

    • Ahahahahaha that is sooo true!!

    • Exactly right Newport100

  • there's no silly question , some guy's they look to the girls if she's beautiful or hot ,

    but the maining of attractive is not just the look from the outside its how she's smart and how she deals with plp


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