Would a guy be offended if I told him he was pretty/beautiful?

I've told some guys that they are and I'm not sure if they are or not. They just smile and maybe say thank you. I'm just not used to saying handsome to a guy. Or cute...


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  • first of all if I read your details right why would you tell a guy he's pretty/beautiful if you don't know if he is or not ... it sounds like your just acting stupid going around and randomly telling guys that they are pretty/beautiful .. guys just smile and say thank you cause they are being polite and they probably don't believe what your saying ... it also sounds like the reason why you can't say handsome or cute to a guy is because you don't see guys attractive at all...like all girls seem to not see a guy as attractive the way a guy sees a girl looks unless he has something to offer...but if a girl called me pretty or beautiful and accually ment it cause she accually sees me as what she says than it would be amazing if a girl said that to me I would probably faint especially if its a way she's trying to ask me out ... hope this helps

    • I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it...

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  • some might b offended because at least in my opinion it's kinda weird...words like that:pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, etc are obviously some words some of us guys use to describe girls so that's why people could get offended...if some girl called me somethin like that I don't know if I'd necessarily be offended but I'd be kinda confused haha


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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with calling a guy beautiful or describing his features as beautiful. However I think pretty might be a little too feminine of a term. You could always kick it back and say he has dashing good looks.

    • I like that. Next time I'll use that!