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I am awful at doing my hair and it never looks good and I am tired of it always looking bad. My hair is naturally really wavy/sort of curly. After I get out of the shower I have to scrunch it and use some product to make it wavy though, it just doesn't do it automatically. I use Paul Mitchell Super sculpting gel to do my hair curly. But it still never looks good. My hair is to my shoulders but I am growing it out some. I want my hair to be wavy, like those beachy waves that celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens have. I don't really know how to do that with a curling iron and I don't have time to do it in the morning. Does anyone know any other ways I can do it? Something like sleeping in curlers or sometihng?

And also I want to wear ym hair straight but when I straighten it it just looks flat. When I do a blow out it's too poofy. I tried to angle the straightener but it still just looks flat. Any ways to make it straight but full?

Also the only way it looks good straight is if I put it in a headband, that's also about the oly way I know how to make ym hair look good. But I don't want to wear it like that all the time


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  • I have the same exact hair type!


    The reason your hair doesn't scrunch that well or it takes a long time to scrunch it is because it's not naturally that way. I would always have sections that looked good and then sections that looked bad. The thing that worked best for me was

    *a diffuser attachment for my blow dryer

    *Marc Anthony curl cream

    *Aqua net hairspray

    However the biggest advice I have for scrunching is BUY AN S WAVER. IT's great for touching up areas that aren't looking how you want them, or you can just use the S waver without scrunching


    I cut my hair short so now I straight it every day. It's very sensitive to the humidity as well.

    *when you blow dry your hair, part it. then blow dry the roots the opposite way of the part, and continue blow drying as usual

    *I use Frizz Ease weather works shampoo and conditioner and leave in cream

    *I have a chi iron. It works the best

    *If you want it to look fuller try not straightening it that much on the bottom

    Also, the reason your hair may look flat or thin when you starighten it is because you have split ends. You should cut about 5 inches off your hair. Then when you starighten it it will look full.

    I did this and my hair is thick and nice now! It was worth it!


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  • Try sleeping with wet hair and soft rollers in and combing it out in the morning. That should give you similar waves as Miley Cyrus. Use a curling iron and wrap your hair outside and around the curler rather than clipping your inside the curler - if you know what I mean. It's hard to explain without actually showing you. This technique should give you some nice lose spiral curls. Comb them out to get amazing volumed waves.

    You can also try this tip. After you take a shower, put your wet hair in a bun. Let your hair dry. Open and comb through.

    link Check this link out. They show you the steps for the miley cyrus hair.

    link This link gives your a tep by step procedure in making your hair look like Vanessa Hudgens.

    Give these tips a shot. Should give you some good curls/waves.

    For the hair being straight and full. Check this video out. It shows you how to blowdry and create the perfect volume.

    Also check this out:



    So, check out these sites and see which one helps you out. The last couples ones deal with hair and creating volume without making it look poofy.


    Hope this helped.

    • Thank you so much =D you have awlways helped me on uestions before so I am sure these will work =D

  • Ok when ever you want to straghten it.

    1. Get a leave-in-conditioning spray ( I use John Freida or Aussie)

    2. Spray in your hair and comb it out completely after a shower.

    3.Blow dry your hair using a flat brush and any blow dryer.(dont flip your head over.this will make your hair poof out to the sides which is not what you want. instead use a root lifter on your roots and lift sections of hair on the top of your head as you blow dry it.)

    4. After blow drying.use a ceramic straightner to smooth it out so it isn't to full.

    As for curly.use a diffuser when you blow dry with scrunch spray.

  • when you get out of the shower use gel to scrunch it wait about 15 mins and scrunch it again as it starts to dry but after it is dry don't scrunch it anymore or it will turn frizzy

    that's what I do

  • on hair and beauty. Rocks my socks.

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