Would you rather be called cute or hot by the one you like?

Would you rather be called cute of hot by the person you liked? I'm just curious because the guy I like wants a pic of me in my Halloween costume for the party we going to, simply so he can see it and I was all "why exactly would you want a pic? I'm no hottie" joking around kinda...and he replied with "but your cute though :) "

Cute just never got me anywhere...i think id rather be called hot but I dunno...what do you guys think?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • i agree with what people said so far

    i get both because I am both, but a lot of guys just have sex with me so they will say I'm hot especially. they don't want me to be their girlfriend so even if I am cute, they aren't focusing on that usually. they like my sexiness, my hotness, my body and my face too but in a sexy way if that makes sense.

    if he thinks you're cute he might like you and want to be with you. don't think too much of this.

    i don't really have a preference. I've been called beautiful, cute, sexy. I have no clue what every single guy means when he says it but my take on it is sexy is your sex appeal and what makes you desirable on a physical level, cute is more about mannerisms and habits and the adorable factor, beautiful is more complicated. beautiful can mean you are not only sexy but a work of art in general and it can also mean you have a personality that enhances your looks.

    • I have been called beautiful before by people but mostly cute. Barely ever hot lol. I guess I shouldn't look too into this like you said...and like the guy above said that him wanting a picture of me in my french maid costume is a good thing. I shouldn't worry about this lol.

    • Dont. just flow with life and accept the compliments. and get your man! :P

    • Lol I'm doing exactly that! Thank! =)

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What Guys Said 1

  • I think someone will call you hot if they only know you superficially and they will think you are cute only if they really really know you and know your tender/actual side.

    • We know each other pretty well! We used to be roommates lol. I want him to think I'm hot...

    • Him wanting your picture is a good thing and independent of whether he calls you cute or hot

What Girls Said 2

  • cute is like girlfriend material and hot is like someone you want to have sex with

    • I want to be his girlfriend and to have sex with him lol

    • Ha, that's really funny. Good luck.

    • Haha I know right...

  • its a complent jus say thanks I think id rather be called hot but cute is just a step closer