What do guys look for in girls?

Do they look personality?

Do they look for good looks?

Do they look for breast and butt size? (lol)


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  • They must go through a system of analysis and "rating" in terms of "PASS / FAIL".

    1. Physically admirable. (because you see the looks first. -> partially physically attractive)

    2. Personality-wise acceptable. (why would you be with someone you would hate each other with)

    3. Lifestyle-wise compatible. (this comes up waaay later.)

    And obviously people check if they believe they have a chance with the girl but whenever someone tries to judge this, they leave out various parameters and can never accurately get an answer to that question without actually asking.


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  • for a relationship it is a mix of personality (has to be likeable) and looks (has to be okay looking). for a fling they go for looks purely and maybe a bit of personality on the side.

    breast and "booty" size don't personally have any weight in deciding a relationship, the big ones are just damn nice to look at.


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  • Guys want a soul mate and best friend all wrapped up in the one package. Someone to be intimate with, someone to have fun with and someone who will take care of them, especially when they’re feeling down.

    In general, guys want:

    - patient and understanding woman

    - they need their space

    - woman who let's him have his own friends

    - woman who allows him to be weak

    - woman who strokes his ego

    - woman who trust him

    - great sex

    - woman who will try new things

    - woman with a nice body

    - woman with a sense of humor

    - woman who can cook

    - woman who listens

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