What tattoo should I get?

I'm about to turn 18 in a few months.. and I'm going to get a tattoo

it will be on my butt since I don't want anybody to see it except for that special someone ;) ha ha anyways what do you guys think about these ideas?

Aleph-null...which is the mathematical symbol for infinity

the three hares...you know, the rabbits in a circle, there are three ears and three bunnies. google it if you don't know

"Insanity is comparative.. who sets the norm?" a quote from charles bukowski's Pulp

so guys and girls tell me what you think, I'm kind of leaning towards aleph null right now.. but its going to be on me for the rest of my life so its a hard decision. :) thank you

please don't tell me that if I have to ask people on the internet then I'm too indecisive, and I shouldn't get one on the spur of the moment.

i have real personal reasons for choosing each one...
aleph-null, the greek symbol for infinity. I read about it in a book and I love that there is a mathematical symbol for infinity... and I'm completely obsessed with it.
The three hares, even though no one knows what their origional meaning was, they are used in various religious artworks. and some say they represent the spreading of cultures around the world, and traveling distances because they are usually seen leaping.
Insanity is comparitive.. who sets the norm? I read this quote in ninth grade, from the book Pulp which was the first book I ever read by Charles Bukowski. I've had it memorized for four years... by the way charles bukowski is my favorite author.


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  • it's gonna be on you forever, I wouldn't ask complete strangers on the internet what they think. If you're this indecisive don't get it just because you're turning 18 and you can. A good rule of thumb for tattoos is that if you think of something you want and you still want it and it makes sense to you to have it on you for the rest of your life (even when you're old and wrinkly) then you probably won't regret getting it. But don't get something done just because you're 18 and think a tattoo is cool because chance are you'll regret it and if you do want it removed it'll cost and hurt 10 times more than getting it done did. If you want to get something done because you're 18 and you can then get a piercing, you can take them out and they close up. I have two tattoos now and I want 3 more, I know they look good now and I know when I'm 70 they're probably gonna look weird but they mean something to me so I don't care. Also think about when you have to explain it to someone, if your answer is, "I just thought it'd be cool and I was 18 and I could do it so I did it," you're gonna sound like an idiot.

    • That wasn't my idea at all, I've wanted this forever.. and I have been thinking about what tattoo I want to get, because I want it to mean something.. those three things that I'm thinking about getting as a tattoos are things that really do mean something to me. If somebody asked me why? I wouln't say, " I just thought it'd be cool and I was 18 and I could do it so I did it," I would say because charles bukowski has been my favorite author since I was 14 years old..

    • That's fine, but the way you ask the question it sounds like you wanna get one just because you're 18 and you can

    • The only reason why I said I'm turing 18 in a few months is because it says I'm under 18.

      And obviously you believe anyone that gets a tattoo on their 18th birthday is doing it spur of the moment will regret it for the rest of their lives.

  • Pick the one that will look the best as you age. I know it's difficult but try to think ahead, which one will you feel the least embarrassed to explain to someone. If you don't know the original meaning of the three hares then it's probably best that you don't get it permanently put on your body. Favorit authors come and go, trust me, all you need is to read one good book by another author and poof! suddenly you have a new "meaningful quote". Out of the three choices, I'd go with the aleph null but it's probably best for you to wait a bit, like you don't need to get a tattoo as soon as you turn 18. Take the time and wait a little longer until you're totally sure that's what you want.

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