What is the least attractive physical feature in a lady?

just want to know what to look out for.

  • Bag under eyes/ dark circles
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  • Poor posture
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  • Bitten nails
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  • Pock mark on the tip of her nose
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  • Sagging breasts
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know that any of these would totally turn me off. My girlfriend has almost all of what you mentioned below, but I'm in love with her anyway, because she has beautiful eyes & a beautiful personality, so they make up for all of the other stuff. She's also a bit older than me. I'm 35 & she's 42, so she loves the fact that I'm so in love with her!


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What Guys Said 3

  • none of the above: the answer is low self esteem.

  • if the breasts sag at such a young age then we have a problem when we grow up.

  • Of those I'd sagging breasts, I don't know I'm weird I kind of find bags under eyes/dark circles somewhat attractive O.o and I love girls with low self-esteem that are shy, I know I'm messed up. But I loves em.

    • Aw thts cute! trust me many girls have a low self esteem and are shy at the same time. Does that mean that the majority of the girls you like are not so much in the popular group?

    • >_< Can't say I have found myself attracted to any popular girls, unless they were secretly popular, lol. Just trying to find the right one is tough. =/

What Girls Said 4

  • I said sagging breast. No man wants a woman with breast that sags.

    • You'd better get used to it:

      girl's' breasts' don't sag (but on topless beaches I saw 16 year olds with sagging breasts) , most womens' breasts do (except SOME really tiny ones)

  • I said sagging breast

  • I will say poor posture

  • I said sagging posture because I use to see women with sagging breast and they look unattractive

    • Poor posture and saggy breasts are completely different things o.o

    • Maybe they are different things altogether

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