Girls: what is a cute face to you?

a young looking face even though you claim you prefer older guys? (don't lie)

one that looks like your favorite celebrity? or like your brother's or dad's?

or one that looks like a beloved ex of yours?

or one that looks unique, still masculine and sharp, but nearly not like anyone you've seen before? lets say a mixed guy, three races or more.

Do you have some phobia concerning the looks of guys from foreign nations? (think deeply about this one)

don't forget to tell your age and race :)

  • Young, sleek looking face
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  • I'd like him to look like my favorite celebrity or a family member
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  • Guys that look like an ex of mine make me melt
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  • Unique ones, especially different from what I'm used to
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  • Im 18 and Latina. I like them gringos usually, ha ha I also have odd taste at least that's what my mom and friends tell ..I like them average cute looking with a nice smile. I'm not in buff or muscly guys with ripped abs, I'm not that always comes down to personality!

  • I am 18...caucasion...but I also like D for an answere.. I can't make up my mind


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