Guys, what do you look for in a girl's personality?

What is it about women that you find most attractive (body/looks not included).

A good sense of humor?



Or whatever~ xD

And why is it so many guys wind up with, pardon my language, bitches? Sure, if a bitchy female is good looking then I suppose that's one incentive, but doesn't the whole crappy attitude sort of get old after a while? Or does stuff like huge, gaping personality flaws simply not matter if the girl is hot enough?


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  • For me it's all about personality. I couldn't deal with a "bitchy"(your word) female no matter how hot she is. Basically, we don't have to share the same interests as long as we respect each others interests. Personality wise, she has to be sweet, great sense of humor, and fun to be around. My problem isn't the bitchy ones though. I tend to always end up dating chicks with issues, and I always get burnt. All I know is the next girl I date better have her head screwed on straight. I can't deal with the crazies anymore.


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  • if the guys are assholes, then why would they care about dating a bitch? if you're looking for a universal rule for attractive personality, you won't find one. I prefer intelligence and integrity.

    • Oh, no. xD I'm not so foolish as to think that there's one personality type that will appeal to men the world over- I'm just curious about what different opinions are. c:

      thanks for the answer, by the way~

  • kind

    caring understanding



    humor is nice but just being your self has its cuteness to it

    little things are cute

    like the way you do certain things

    id say bitches can change but yea it gets old

    but being a nice person to everyone is great too

  • When it comes to personality she should be hyper yet down-to-earth,funny,great sense of humor,friendly,passionate,sympathetic, and has to have a huge heart.


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  • - patient and understanding woman

    - they need their space

    - woman who let's him have his own friends

    - woman who allows him to be weak

    - woman who strokes his ego

    - woman who trust him

    - great sex

    - woman who will try new things

    - woman with a nice body

    - woman with a sense of humor

    - woman who can cook

    - woman who listens

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    • Reinforcenment on what he has

      and being positive both ways is not

      an ego stroke

      haha and a women who can share nothings with him ( ;