Are microdermal hip piercings sexy?

I got 2 diamond studs on my hips.


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  • ive wanted to get one done for a long time

    the only thing really stopping me is that I heard they were extremely painful and theirs a high rejection so id be devastated if I went through all that pain and then found out my body rejected it .

    how was yours ?

    • If you get the bars there is a higher chance it will get rejected, but the microdermals won't get rejected as long as you take good care of them.

      it was very painfull the only painful part was where he pinches the skin to put the dermal in.

    • Yea so I'm 99% sure I'm getting one now ha I looooooooooove how they look and its not like getting belly button where practically everyone has one

      microdermals look better anyway in my opinion, so no problems or anything like do you ever regret it ?

    • Haha yeah that's what I was thinking! there unique

      I just got mine yesterday aha but I don't regret it.

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  • YES!

    But some people find it gross...It's definitely not for everyone.

    Still awesome though, and I like that you chose diamonds.


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  • i think there weird and actually kinda cute.. better than tatts at least you can take them out if you decide otherwise.