How do I grow my hair fast?

OK my hair is average and I want to know how to get my hair grow fast...any suggestions anybody on any tips how to grow my hair fast?...thanks...


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  • Hair care:

    -Use the right hair products for your hair type(dry,normal,dandruff,oily etc)

    -Deep condition your hair once a week.Alternate between a moisturizing deep conditioner or masque and a cholesterol deep conditioner.I would recommend using a cholesterol made for black hair(even if you aren't black) because they tend to penetrate more.

    -Use a hot oil treatment once a month

    -Get a trim every 6-8 weeks


    -Don't drink,smoke or do drugs

    -Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day

    -Take a multi-vitamin to make sure you get every single nutrient you need

    -Foods for healthy hair:Salmon,tuna,bananas,oatmeal,avocados,dark leafy veggies,carrots,cucumbers,nuts,tomatoes,apples and of course every other single fruit and vegetable!:) (Eat other things in moderation)

    -Avoid stress,stress can cause slow to no growth in hair and even hair loss

    -Get 8-9 hours of sleep every single night

    Nothing can make your hair grow faster,of course,taking good care of your body and good care of your hair can definitely help and improve growth.No supplement will make your hair become waist length,only patience.


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  • The brainy person who manages to solve this with a sure-fire solution might be up and running for a noble prize or something of similar merit. Avoid bleaching or going through any other hair treatment on a frequent basis too, as that might damage your roots and stunt growth.


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  • theirs no way to make your hair grow faster

    any product that says it does or that people tell you it does doesnt

    what they really mean is to reduce breakage and that's what you need to do , hair grows at the same rate its just some peoples hair breaks off easier , and when your hair breaks off it stops at that length

  • Take pre-natal vitamins. Also, fish oil supplements work really well. Try it. :) I've known a lot of people it's worked for.

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