Ladies how many of you would like to see an area or a site that blocks men?

how many would appreciate an area where females can discuss certain issues without men being able to view...

Why or why not?

Please add an opinion!

I believe it would be a great thing for females to discuss things privately and no men don't have easy access to those discussions!


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  • I'm quite sure you would find a way to get your creepy self onto that site if it existed! Just think us girls talking all day about inserting our tampons, which pads we use, how it feels when we have sex during our periods. that would be your high for the day wouldn't it?

    • That is not what this was about!!! However you get a thumbs up for speaking your mind!!

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    • Crazykiss you have to be familiar with Larry to understand my answer. It is exactly his fetish and most of us that have been around for awhile know it. I do totally agree with your thoughts, not something I need to talk about in my girl circles either. lol

    • You both are wrong...but have rights to your opinions....there are many different things women discuss without men...I never bought up periods or Tampons!!

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  • Not really. I appreciate the male perspective & this site is called "girls ask guys." Although I see what you're saying sometimes because some questions I see are more directed at women. But I don't usually put anything out there that I feel a man would be uncomfortable hearing. Do you wish this site had a way to block women so you could direct your questions towards men only?

    • No that would be descrimination...women are allowed anywhere men sometimes don't need to be where women no blocking women

    • Also, I appreciate your respect for women & I'm sorry some women don't respect it as well. But I firmly believe men should be treated as equals to women. You are not below us, & you don't owe us anything for what happened 200 years ago. Don't let women intimidate you, your opinion & view matters too :)

  • No...there's no point in that and if a girl is so damn embarrassed about something she should take her ass to the doctor.

    That's sexist,if there were a site for men blocking women,all hell would break loose.It's sexist to block men

    • Not at all women deserve have no rights to privacy or exclusive sites because excluding women is descrimination....women not including men is just protecting privacy and not descrimination!!

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    • There is nothing equal in America..If you are a man you have LESS rights than WOMEN!!! Nothing is equal!!

    • You have issues,bye

  • ok OK get your point there are many sites for this but this is not 1 of them we come here to gett the opinion of men

  • that sounds good but I don't think it'd b hard for a guy to make a new girl account to get in

  • there already is and I use it more than here, I'm sure you guys don't wanna hear us talking about bras and periods! and to be honest sometimes there is just a need to rant about boys when they annoy us, you really wouldn't wanna see that

  • this site is for exactly that or you that silly we ask men questions and men ask us questions if you hate woman that much pi xxxxx off

    • No hate of women....I am actually saying another site completely or a section of this site!!

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    • We knoww \= and thankyou for thinking of us ladys I'm sure your very thoughful we like mens opinion to this is the site for it we are not silly you know we know where to go if we don't want mens opinions we go to the bath and relax lol

    • I love a feisty female Brit.

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  • Jeeeessuuuuus. You crawl like hell, mannnnn.

    Anyway, I actually think this'd be jokes. And you could have one for boys, too. Y'know. Because it'd be stupid to have one for ladies and not one for lads. And then you could have one for transgenders, LOL. I mean I'm sure there's one or two. And they could just be like 'Eyyyyy'

  • Ooops..

  • This site is an open forum. There should be no slant/bias towards any particular gender. The minute we begin to cater to one demographic, this site will go from a great resource, to total garbage. I like this site, I think it helps many people.

    I'm getting quite tired of people asking pointless questions, though.

    -Who's the hottest GAG user

    -Who do you want to kick off this site

    -How do I look, Rate me

    -Anything pertaining to complete nonsense.

    ^^^All of those type of questions will be deleted.

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