Guys how would you react if..

a random chick youv never met before in your life told you you were good lookin out of the blue..

would you be like wtf was that or would you be flattered what would you think?

and also does it make a difference if your attracted to them or not?

ha just curious


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  • No (sane) guy would be offended at being told he's good looking. How can you not be flattered? If anything I would think a guy would appreciate more than a girl would because we our feelings of attraction generally involve physical appearance more than girls' so to have a girl show her attraction in the same way means a lot us.

    Also guys are seldom complimented in that way (unless they're a model or something) so it hasn't gotten old for us like it has for most women. Very seldom have I had a girl overtly say or show that she was attracted to me but when it happened it made me MORE attracted to them. That might not be the case all the time with all guys but that's what I experienced.


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  • I would probably be flattered. My attraction to them would probably increase, unless I found them previously unattractive.

  • I would appreciate it and it would make me feel good. I would say thank you and try to find a way to compliment her back. And yea it may make see them different since they were open with me

  • i wouldent believe her ether way


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